Hazzards Creek Hunting Club


Regulations Revised as of January 19, 2019

For purposes of the following:

· The Deer Hunting Season “DHS” is defined by the SCDNR as August 15 through January 1.

· The “RUT” shall be defined as the dates of October 1 through November 8.

· The Club Manager is Mr. Terry Holzschuher.

· The Club Treasurer is Mr. Rafael Sanchez

1.    Members

1. During the defined Deer Hunting Season “DHS” no one shall access or hunt another member's stand, food plot, or feeder without that member's permission. This offense may result in expulsion from the club.

2. All members must tag in and out before and after all hunts. This is for safety reasons.

3. Members may access their designated hunting areas for the purpose of hunting at any time.

4. During the DHS, all other activity in the field (stands placement, corn dispersal, firewood gathering, etc.) is restricted to the hours between 10:00AM and 2:00PM while maintaining rule 1.1.  Do not access any area near where someone is currently hunting.  It is recommended that non-hunting activity be completed when no one is hunting as to disturb the environment as little as possible.

5. All game may be hunted within their legal seasons while obeying HCHC and state regulations.

6. Club electric bill will be divided evenly among members regardless of time spent at camp during the DHS.  If member(s) wish to leave equipment on during the off season, they must pay the bill accordingly.

7. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed before or during a hunt.  "Please be responsible".

8. Request for a departing member’s existing camp and/or stand location(s) will be based on the requesting member’s total seniority (years of membership).  The Club Manager may act as a member’s designee when bidding for camp and/or stand locations.

9. All returning members must submit a $500.00 deposits for the next upcoming season no later than February l.

10. Non-returning member(s) must have their stands, camper and/or camp structure removed from the property no later than February 28.

11. There will be no scouting during the DHS (August 15 through January 1).

2.    Deer

1. A member is allowed a maximum of three bucks per deer season with a limit of one buck per day.

2. Bucks must have a minimum outside spread of 15” at the widest point.  A buck with less than a 15” spread will result in a fine.  Refer to rule 5.1 and 5.2 for more detail.

3. Button buck will also result in a fine.  Refer to rule 5.1 and 5.2 for more detail. If a button buck violation occurs, the deer must be tagged with an antlerless deer tag and will also count towards the member’s three buck quota.

4. Doe tags will be issued each year by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  The Club Manager will purchase and distribute doe tags dividing the cost of each tag among the members.  ($1.00 per tag)

3.       Stands 

1. Each member is allowed a maximum of four stands, one of which may be a portable (climber or blind).

2. All stands must be marked on the club map with code letter designated for that member (maximum of 4).

3. A minimum of 250 yards between tree stands will be enforced.  This will ensure the safety of all.

4. All stand placement deadline is established as the Monday of Labor Day weekend of each year.

5. During the DHS, relocation of the portable stand is limited to no more than 50 yards of the original location while maintaining rules 3.1 and 3.3.  

6. During the DHS members/hunters are restricted to perform hunting activities in their designated stand locations ONLY. Please refer to rule 1.1.

7. During the DHS members must utilize the most direct route to and from your stands without accessing another member’s hunting area, with the exception that another’s stand/area is located on a main “named” road.

8. Existing stand locations may not be sold from one member to another.  Equipment may be purchased or sold but this does not grant rights to the hunting location itself.

4.    Guests

1. There will be no “adult hunting guests” the first 15 days of the deer season or during the “RUT”.

2. Members must notify the Club Manager of a hunting guest and collect guest fees before the hunt. Refer to rule 5.3

3. Members may have up to two hunting guest per day with a maximum of ten hunting days for any one guest.

4. Guests are limited to one buck and two does per season which applies to the member’s quota.

5. A member’s hunting guest under the age of 18 may hunt at no charge.  However they must remain in the same stand as the member while hunting.  Only one firearm is permitted between member and guest.

6. All members will drop off and pick up their guest regardless of the guest having their own transportation.

7. Non-hunting guest are welcome at any time, at no charge, with a maximum of five persons unless authorized by the Club Manager.

8. During the DHS, guest and children may ride ATV’s in the camp area only and must be escorted by the member while riding on the rest of the property.  Member must comply with rule 1.1.

9. Under no circumstances minors who are not eligible for a hunting license permitted to hunt, handle or discharge a firearm any time without the constant supervision of an adult. The supervising adult must be in possession of a current South Carolina Hunting License.


5.    Fines and Fees

1. A buck with less than a 15” spread will result in a fine of $250.00.  

2. A second buck taken during the same DHS with less than a 15” spread will result in a separate higher fine of $500.00.

3. Hunting guest fee is $75.00 per day per guest. There are no half days.

4. Members are directly responsible for any fine incurred by the member’s family or guest.

5. All fines and fees shall be paid within seven days to the Club Treasurer.  Failure to do so will result in the member’s hunting privileges being suspended until payment is made.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

Remember: You will have big bucks if you let the small ones walk.